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Why In-Home Care Is Crucial for Healing After a Hospital Stay

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice believes the best healing happens at home, where new beginnings can be created in familiar surroundings. To that end, we offer in-home care after you or your loved one is discharged from the hospital. Today’s blog from Phoenix Home Care & Hospice discusses why medical care and in-home care after a hospital stay are crucial for the best healing outcomes. 

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Avoids Subsequent Hospitalizations

Experts and evidence suggest that up to 25 percent of unplanned hospital admissions are preventable. Additionally, 18 percent of hospital visits covered by Medicare are followed by a readmission within 30 days. 

In-home care from a skilled nurse ensures the recommended medical support that you or your loved one needs for a full recovery. Nurses can monitor vital signs, make sure clients follow their doctor’s instructions, and manage medications.

Decreases Falls Due to Fatigue

Recovering after an overnight hospital stay can be exhausting, particularly for someone who is elderly. It’s hard to sleep and get comfortable on a hospital bed. The constant whirr of monitoring devices and the hourly check-ups by nursing staff can interrupt the natural healing cycle. Stress and lack of sleep can lead to fatigue during the healing process. Fatigue might contribute to physical weakness, which in turn creates a situation whereby slips and falls are more likely. 

Slips and falls represent one primary reason why elderly people return to the hospital. This type of situation is totally preventable. In-home care and home health care may alleviate slips and falls in the home because someone is there to help with chores around the house and other daily activities so you or your loved one can focus on healing.

Increases Psychological Support

Even full-time family caregivers can feel the strain of caring for a loved one. Home health care and in-home care services from Phoenix increase psychological support for your loved one. Our compassionate staff understands that healing in familiar surroundings facilitates the healing process better than assisted living.

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In-Home Care by Phoenix Home Care

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice provides home health care and in-home care for clients who need extra assistance after discharge from a hospital. Contact Phoenix Home Care or call toll-free 1-888-830-2388 for more information.

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